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FREE Group Study

Prefer to study in a group? We’ve got an option for you. Connect with us virtually every week as we discover the incredible truths in the Bible. Just register for free today.

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FREE Personal Study

Connect with one of our qualified Bible instructors for a one-on-one study of God’s Word over video chat or phone call. Unlimited sessions free!

Mail Me Studies

We’ll work with a local group of believers to send you free Bible Study courses via mail. Simply complete them and mail them back. Absolutley no charge!


How much do the studies cost?

Nothing! We will never charge for any of our studies. You can register for as many sessions as you like, free of charge. Postage is included with the mailed studies.

How are the Bible Studies delivered?

That depends on which study you sign up for:

  • FREE Group Study: this study is delivered VIRTUALLY online through a Webex meeting. You can connect to this meeting on your internet-connected computer or your smartphone. You can also call into the meeting. This study is only offered to individuals whom speak English.
  • FREE Personal Study: this study is delivered the exact same way as the group study, except only you have access to the meeting room (along with the instrutctor as well). This study is only offered to individuals whom speak English.
  • Mailed Courses: this study is mailed to your US-based mailing address one at a time. As you complete each lesson, send it back and we will send you another one. These lessons are completed through a local group of believers, so you may hear from them from time to time. Due to certain mailing limitations, we can only offer this service to individuals in the United States that speak, read, and write English.
  • Online Course: we offer a special online-only course titled “A Picture of God”. We use a partner to deliver these studies. They are distributed all online through a web browser. Currently, the studies are only avaliable in English.
Do you offer studies in a language other than English.

Currently, we do not. We are working hard to build studies in Spanish and Chinese.